A Mother of All
Dorothy K. Gerwin: 1912-2013


She lost both her children, but she adopted dozens as her own.

Dorothy made it her business to meet every student in the UT Health Science Center’s Departments of Physiology and Ophthalmology who received a Gerwin Fellowship, created in 2004 by her and her late husband of 63 years, Daniel.

Her husband might have been the attorney, but she was the great thinker—and the two shared a passion for philanthropy focused on education, health care, and scientific research. In honor of their son, they endowed the Thomas A. Gerwin Chair at the Health Science Center—making it possible to recruit extraordinary scientific researchers. A long list of charitable organizations close to their hearts spanned from the U.S. to Israel and from academic institutions to hospitals.

Her support meant more than simply writing a check. She often hosted those impacted by her giving efforts in her home. They fed her unwavering interest in current events and charity, while they, in turn, “enjoyed the privilege of spending time with an exceptionally kind, charming, and elegant woman,” says Haik.

At 100 she outlived her immediate family, but she was never alone. And her spirit still lives on.


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